Basic Venue Agreement / Understanding

The decision maker (venue manager, owner, supervisor) agrees to the basic terms set forth below for your Venue as a designated location which Painting Circle LLC hosts Painting classes, events, parties on dates from Painting Circle's calendar of events.

Your venue location agrees to partner with Painting to host and run event(s) free of any charge / at no cost from your venue entity or location. There will be no minimum purchase requirement from participants or Painting Circle LLC. The Venue understands that Painting Circle LLC is a business which hosts painting events and is opened and available to the public.

We do not and can not guarantee the number of participants to arrive at each event, or amount of revenue generated, or mandate a purchase requirement or the outcome of party event(s).

The venue location understands that events would consist the use of acrylic (student) paint, easels, canvases, table cloth and related materials used at the venue location for the performance of teaching / instructing a paint event to a public or private group of participants.

Venue agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Painting Circle LLC and its affiliates and entities, successors and assigns (“Indemnities”) from any claim, action, liability, loss, damages, lawsuit or any other proceeding (“Claims”) arising from or related to any Event.

In no event shall painting circle, its members, managers, employees, agents, or affiliated entities, be liable to venue for any direct, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including lost profits, (including negligence) under no circumstances shall Painting Circle LLC monetary liability for any cause of action.

The Parties agree that any action or proceeding involving any dispute arising out of or in connection with this agreement / understanding shall be governed and brought only in district of new york located in new york city.