Artist / Painters:

We are looking to partner for charismatic artistic painters who are talented and socially inclined and can teach a crowd to paint from a blank canvas to a fully completed painted product in about 2 hours or so. You would need to be interested in hosting, planning, and promoting YOUR events as a artistic partner. You would need to commit to a minimum amount of events per month planning 30 days in advance with repeated painting teaching, instructor job year round! This would be YOUR event in creating a memorable evening for participants in your area.

If you are a creative friendly easy going artist with proven painting skills (we would need solid proof) please feel free to email us for consideration.

Event Planners:

If you are a go-getter who loves working with people and have managerial experience, we love to speak with you. As a artist manager, you would manage artists in your local area attending to the needs of each event and providing support to YOUR group of artists earning an excellent income working part time. It's one of our most lucrative opportunity available to a selected few who are go-getters and are hard working individuals comfortable in earning an income working part time few hours a month.

If you are hard working and have managerial experience, please feel free to email us for consideration.