Artist / Entrepreneurs

We partner with charismatic artistic entrepreneurs who are talented and socially inclined and can teach a crowd how to create a painting from a blank canvas to a fully completed painted product in about 2 hours. You need to be interested in running your own set of painting parties.

You promote online and locally your event classes in your area. You host, plan and create your own events as an artistic partner. You're in charge to create a memorable experience for participants in your local area.

Every week is an adventure

$ Manage your own painting class business by coordinating and running events as you connect with the local community.

$ Create relationships with local business owners and build a portfolio of venue partners

$ Engage your local marketing efforts through networking, social media, flyers to maximize your efforts

$ Plan and execute successful events to entertaining guests

$ Lead your area in creative entertainment. Unleash the creative spirit of your community

Things to Consider

$ Banish the 9-to-5—mentality.

$ Run your own events and host them yourself as an entertainer as well as an entrepreneur.

$ Feel good everyday what you do by bringing people in your community together with unique and inspiring creative experiences.

$ Have more financial control in your life. Be part of a growing team. We are artists, entrepreneurs, self employment enthusiasts, working freelancers. We all working toward the same goal.

Get Involved

$ Run your business, with less than $100 start-up costs access to immediate earning potential.

$ Your earning potential is huge and your income depends on you—earn based on the number of people at your party event. Positioned yourself for success from the get-go.

$ Never pay a fee, your earning potential is straightforward and constant. You promote & host and allow us to do the rest.

$ You’re with hundreds of other creative minded entrepreneurs partnering with us in this fun filled creative entertainment industry.

$ Our infrastructure helps you run your business.


At Painting Circle, we believe there are several necessary steps to take to ensure a successful start up of your business.

Step 1

Application process: To apply to become a Licensee, you will need to first contact us on our website.

Step 2

Licensee Agreement: Once you are approved as a Licensee (there is no charge to get licensed) if qualified, you immediately start the process to host your own set of painting class events.

Step 3

Learn: Once accepted, you will take steps to prepared for upcoming class events in your area. We make it EASY for you to understand the process. Start-up kit supplies ($100 start-up cost is required), future supply orders, venues and the booking process, marketing materials and tips, and everything necessary for guidance in all aspects of running a successful painting and wine business.

Step 4

Booking venues: We do our best to help Licensee to acquire your 1st venue location. Booking a local venue location is generally the responsibility of the licensee.

Step 5

Preparing for upcoming classes and the future: Now that you have your dates, you will want to strategically schedule your painting classes on our calendar of events.

Step 6

Marketing: Once you post your class events on the calendar, you must market your painting class events online and locally. Your continuous effort will help you get the word out and drum up weekly income for your event business. Painting Circle adds to your marketing efforts by marketing your classes on social media, email marketing, and daily deal.

Step 7

First Class: Before you dive in to your first class session, you create a lesson plan for your first painting by outlining the steps and the timing for a 2 hour session. Once you have a few classes under your belt, they will begin to come second nature to you.

As your business thrives, you will create a following. The opportunities are endless, and with the right ambition, this can be an extremely profitable venture for a self-motivated and hard working individual!

If you love to take charge to have financial control, please feel free to CONTACT US for consideration.

About Us

Painting Classes and Painting Parties! We specialize in Discounted Private painting parties, company and corporate Team building, fundraising, birthday parties, at-home painting parties!

Painting Circle partners with local artists to entertain and teach a 2-hour paint class party session in the privacy of your location, as well as in public local lounges, bars and restaurants. All for an evening of creativity and laughter! Create your PRIVATE Painting Class and Party Event for company team building, birthday parties, fundraising event, corporate party, or for any occasions! CONTACT US