Fundraising Events and Private Parties

Painting Class / Art Event / Great for Fundraising!

Using Painting Events for Fundraising is a PERFECT way to increase visibility, create revenue stream with the support of your community, and do something fun and interesting which everyone can appreciate, share and relate to.  Each guest takes home a 16×20 painting that is ready hang on the wall!

Benefits of a Fundraiser Event with Painting Circle -

  • Help raise awareness and funds for a good cause. 
  • Create a return on revenue stream for a good cause
  • Inspire local communities to rally for a good cause
  • Build brand recognition from a fundraiser
  • Support local engagements by getting communities together
  • Create value by offering a fun event
  • Raise money in a memorial way to promote for a good cause!

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Many of our artists tell us that their favorite part of their job is seeing the look on people's faces when they turn the blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece. Our paint party is a great event idea for fundraising in your local area.  A perfect events for all ages: adults, kids, young children and teens.
We love getting everyone's creative juices flowing!  Come raise money and awareness for your favorite cause.  We do all the work for you!  You never know, you may just find your own inner Picasso!

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