If you are a venue owner or manager looking to bring FUN, EXCITING and POPULAR art painting party events to your establishment, we would love to work with you. Why not supplement your venue's slow-time with a flow of potential paying patrons. Build new relationships with locals who may just fall in love with your venue space! It's a win-win situation for all.

Painting Class attendance can range between 10-25 people. You set your limit, we get the people in your space! For your party event you would require to provide adequate number of tables and chairs for a 2 hour party time slot.

A local artist works to build relationships with participants to deliver weekly traffic into your space. You work with your local artist to create synergy to gain high traffic value into your venue space. Using social media and local event postings are very effective methods to garner excellent results.

We recommend offering cool perks such as drink specials or complimentary appetizers during the events to get everyone in a party mood for purchases at your venue space.

If interested, please go to HOST PARTY EVENT to sign up to be considered for this opportunity.